"For the last seven years, I've served the residents of the 4th District as their representative on the Kern County Board of Supervisors. I'm proud of my accomplishments and will continue serving as Supervisor for everyone."

- Supervisor David Couch



Since elected to the Board of Supervisors in 2012, Supervisor David Couch has been a tireless advocate for the residents of Kern County.

David is a Supervisor for everyone and has accomplished much for the 4th district: 

  • Implemented a 4-year plan to end the County fiscal emergency 

  • Instituted fire contracts for McFarland, Arvin and Delano

  • Opened Transfer Stations in Lost Hills and Buttonwillow

  • Created and Economic Opportunity Area in Arvin and Lamont, Lost Hills and on the West Side

  • Brought County Resource Fairs and Movie Nights throughout the District

  • Started the Know your Numbers project to help combat the diabetes epidemic

  • Conducted two Truth Forums to ensure everyone's voice is heard

  • Developed programs to put the homeless back to work

A Proven Leader, Working for All of Kern County as Supervisor for Everyone!


A Record of Accomplishment for the 4th District

In his time representing rural communities and small towns like Delano, Shafter, McFarland, Arvin and Lamont, Supervisor Couch has worked for YOU.

In Delano, we’ve secured millions to repair roads and pave dirt roads. We've also funded upgrades for parks, sports fields and other public facilities. 

In Arvin, we’ve made good on promises to repair roads and improve access to healthcare services. I will continue to fight for funding for rural road improvements on SR 184 and Highway 99.

Near Shafter, the construction of a new Amazon Fulfillment Center will bring jobs and provide improvements to nearby roadways, including $1.4 million to fund regional transportation projects.

In Lamont, we've secured over $3 million to reconstruct rundown curbs, gutters and sidewalks. We plan to improve traffic flow on SR 184 with the addition of dedicated turn lanes and roundabouts.

In McFarland, we’ve hosted county resource fairs and mobile health clinics, improving rural access to basic services.

In Lamont and McFarland, the R.A.P.I.D. Task Force has cleaned up hundreds of illegal dumping sites. 


Join Local Elected Officials and Community Leaders in Supporting David Couch!

Supervisor David Couch’s Record of Service to All of Kern County has earned him endorsements from leaders in every city in the District. Join them in support of reelecting Supervisor David Couch!

  • Mayor Manuel Cantu, McFarland

  • Councilmember Rafael Melendez, McFarland

  • Councilmember Olivia Trujilio, Arvin

  • Councilmember Mark Franetovich, Arvin

  • Councilmember John Pellares, Wasco

  • Councilmember Tilo Cortez, Wasco

  • Mayor Pro Tem, Danny Espisita, Wasco

  • Director of Parks & Rec, Robert Miller, Shafter

  • Councilmember Manuel Garcia, Shafter

  • Councilmember Chad Givens, Shafter

  • Councilmember Ed Whiting, Taft

  • House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, Bakersfield

  • Vice Mayor Chris Parlier, Bakersfield

  • Assemblyman, Vince Fong, Bakersfield

  • CA House Minority Leader, Shannon Grove, Bakersfield

  • Councilmember Jacquie Sullivan, Bakersfield

  • Councilmember Joe Aguirre, Delano

  • Pastor David Vivas, Delano

  • Art Armendariz, Trustee, Delano Joint Union HS District

  • Retired CHP Commander District 6, Brian Smith

  • Business Owner, Luis Aguilar, El Pueblo, Lamont

  • Clinica Sierra Vista CEO, Steve Schilling, Retired


Delivering Results Across the Board

Supporting Public Safety

  • Public safety has and will always be my top priority.

  • I led the charge to restore and fund the Sheriff’s Rural Crimes Unit. This unit is responsible for investigating thefts and property crimes of our rural communities. The Fourth District is particularly depended on this unit as it has a very large percentage of Kern’s rural communities.

  • I am proud of the recent efforts made by the Board of Supervisors and our Sheriff to keep the Buttonwillow substation open. The station is open five days a week.

Cleaning Up Kern County

  • Increased code enforcement is one way to clean up a neighborhood. Property owners are afforded due process and are given time to correct violations. The County prefers when property owners self-abate and clean up their own property.

  • R.A.P.I.D. Task Force cleaned up over 700 illegal dumping sites in 2019.

  • Another way to beautify your community is through community clean ups. My office has sponsored several of these throughout the District and we look forward to doing more. 

No Kill Animal Shelter 

  • The County of Kern has made great strides toward reducing its animal euthanasia and overpopulation.

  • Since 2014, we have reduced animal euthanasia rates from 55% to less than 25%.

  • We are on track for our animal shelter to become a “No Kill” shelter. This means the County’s animal save rate will be 90% or better. Programs and processes are already in place to achieve this goal. 

Transparency and Accountability

  • The public’s business is meant to be just that — public.  My office has made a point of making sure you know what your Kern County government is doing and answering your questions. 

  • The County recently joined OpenGov.  This is an organization that provides public access to government finances – particularly government budgets. 

  • Another part of accountability is just plain being accessible.  Call me any time. 

Expanding Opportunities in the Private Sector

  • It is important for our federal, state, and local governments to work with the private sector—not against it. Finding creative ways for government to incentivize and support our local industries and small businesses is essential.

  • In the Fourth District we have created two economic opportunity areas one near Buena Vista Lake and the Enos Lane corridor and the other in Lost Hills. Portions of the property tax increment will be set aside and designated for future development to incentivize economic growth.

  • Having a voice to advocate on Kern’s behalf is very important. I’ve stood before state congress many times to testify against damaging economic policies and will continue to do so.

  • Over the last seven and a half years we have made strides to make government work better for residents.

  • One of the goals I presented to the County for adoption was the consolidation of departments. The County adopted this goal and consolidated six departments into two.

A More Effective Government


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